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Washinton Lawyer Says FBI Out to Sink Loretta Lynch

Washington attorney Joe DiGenova told The Daily Caller Thursday:

“Just think of the FBI as the Vietcong. That’s what they are. They are digging tunnels under the Justice Department. They are going to sink that place.”

DiGenova told the DC that not only were FBI agents looking to take down Lynch but also top ranking DOJ officials Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, Assistant Attorney General Peter Kaznick, Assistant Attorney General John P. Carlin, and Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell.  It is no secret that the Injustice Department led by Lynch has fought hard to keep Hillary for answering for her many felonies.  FBI agents who have worked so hard gathering evidence against Clinton aren’t amused and plan on making the obstructionists pay.

DiGenova says that FBI agents are fed up and have gone rogue.  If any high ranking official tries to impede them, they will likely be exposed.  They are out of options because if any agent is fired, the backlash could be career ending.  He also confirmed that the FBI did not destroy the laptops belonging to Clinton’s aides.

More from DiGenova:

“I’m sure they’ve opened them up for god sake’s. You don’t think anybody is going to do that when they have access to it? Of course they’ve done that.”

“NSA has all of her emails. They have all of her emails. They’re out in Utah. Remember that big building they build out there–59,000,000 square feet ? It’s got nothing but super computers. Hillary Clinton’s emails are all out there in Utah. If the 33,000 deleted emails are there that’s the end of the ball game because they prove conclusively what she deleted was not personal.”

“Everything is on that laptop. It’s probably adverse to everything she has said publicly and probably proves that she has committed multiple perjuries. So their stuff like that over at the department of state.  There’s classified information. There’s pay to play. There’s stuff about destroying documents. No doubt it’s the panoply of issues that they have tried to cover up.”

I wouldn’t want to be the person checking Weiner’s laptop.  That gives a whole new meaning to sticky keys.


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