WATCH: HOLLYWOOD Actor RIPS Into Robert DeNiro and “Everyone Who Stood Up” At Tony Award Show To Applaud His Vulgar Anti-Trump Comments

On June 10th at the Tony Awards, Robert DeNiro launched an expletive-filled rant against President Trump. 

The long-time critic of Donald Trump, Robert DeNiro, was at the ceremony in New York City to introduce the legendary rocker Bruce Springsteen. But just like every other Hollywood liberal, he used the platform to blame the president. With zero remorse he put up his fists and said he hated the president. 

Robert DeNiro didn’t stop there though… He continued to used the opportunity to urge Americans to vote and even applauded Springsteen for his political views. DeNiro finished by bashing the president with disrespect and hate. 

Reported by 100percentfedup:


Prior to Bruce Springsteen’s performance at the Tony Awards Show, the cowardly, has-been actor, Robert DeNiro, (who’s been allowing Trump to live rent-free in his miserable head for almost two years) told his adoring audience:

“I just want to say one thing — F— Trump. It’s no longer down with Trump. It’s f— Trump.” DeNiro said while pumping his fists for the room full of sheep.

Jay Z(amora)@Jay_MCMLXXXIX

Uncensored clip of Robert DeNiro at the

Not everyone in Hollywood, however, agrees with DeNiro’s blatant disrespect for our President.

TMZ caught up with actor Robert Davi at the airport and asked him how felt about De Niro’s “F**k Trump” using the Tony Awards as a platform to trash Trump. Davi responded, “I think it was disgusting, it was disgusting. He shouldn’t have done it. It wasn’t the place for it. It’s art, and art unites people, it doesn’t separate people. No matter how you feel about a presidential or a certain candidate, you know, this is still America and you should have respect and still have a certain decorum.”

Davi pressed his face closer to the camera and spoke directly to Robert DeNiro, telling him, “I respect you as and actor, but it was disgusting what you did, and everyone who stood up.”

Davi told the TMZ reporter that he didn’t agree with Barack Obama as a president, but he respected him, and when he met him, he shook his hand.Good for you Robert Davi!


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