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WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Say Not To Politicize Child Detention Centers Back In 2014

Over the last several days, the left has been imploding after a rumor that children were being ripped away from their parents at the border. Of course, this is not happening, but don’t share those pesky facts with the left, right? At any rate, the talk of child detention centers are nothing new and in fact, they have been around for quite some time. So much so that Nancy Pelosi even said back in 2014 not to talk about these camps and today now she is calling for closer scrutiny.

“Well, I hope that while some may have tried to politicize it, I hope that was not the case. This is not about an issue, it’s about a value. We’re here to thank the Border Patrol. “We think they’re doing the best they can under the circumstances … We thank the Department of Defense for what they’re doing, the Department of [Homeland Security].”

Here take a listen….

Here is more from Louder with Crowder:

Because in 2014, Barack Obama was president (see Immigration Attorney Blames Detention Centers on Obama and Erick Erickson Lays Out How Terrible the Press Has Been on Immigration). Putting kids “in cages” wasn’t offensive then. It’s only offensive when you show photos of those kids four years later when a Republican is in the White House. Exhibit Q why liberals don’t give a damn about children.

So if we shouldn’t have politicized the kid “crisis” back in 2014, then we shouldn’t politicize it in 2018. If the root of the issue is “the children” then four years shouldn’t make a difference. But if the root of the issue is the party in power, then let’s politicize the issue.


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