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WATCH: Rob Lowe Brutally Mocks Imaginary Avocado Shortage

President Trump is going full throttle to protect our border and the left has gone off the deep end with wild accusations and threats to scare people.


Their newest scare tactic to make people second guess protecting our border is that if we shut the border down, the American people will have no avocados.

So, when Hollywood actor Rob Lowe was out, a TMZ reporter asked him what he thought of the possibility of losing out on avocados, and his response was awesome.

Instead of feeding into the liberal hysteria, Lowe took the time to mock the left-wing media and it is hilarious.

Check it out.

TMZ: “There could be an avocado shortage of Trump closes the border.”LOWE: “That would be a national tragedy.”TMZ: “What else would you put on your toast?”LOWE: “What would hipsters eat? Are we going to have live aid for the hipsters?

Maybe, they will get back to eating regular food and going work, right?

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