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WATCH: Thug Jumps White Kid, Stops Laughing Once The Cops Show Up

The video is disturbing. A 16-year-old boy flashes two middle fingers to the camera. On one hand, he’s wearing brass knuckles. Then, he winds up and delivers a devastating punch to a victim with his back turned.

When the victim is on the ground, the suspect delivers three more blows to the head.

“Especially when you have young victims in a case, it’s something we’re going to take very seriously,” said 20th Judicial District Prosecutor Cody Hiland.

The suspect is Kane Millsaps. He was arrested earlier this month for felony battery. Even though he’s still a minor, Hiland says he plans to try him as an adult.

“It’s serious,” he said. “We feel like it’s something that needs to be pursued as an adult. It’s an adult act.”

In an arrest affidavit, police say the victim — who is just 12 years old — suffered a “bruised right eye, cut on his neck and broken teeth.”

The victim told police he “did not know the person that hit him.”

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