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WATCH: Unhinged DC PSYCHO Takes “Road Rage” To A Whole New Level


Police said they have identified a woman who was caught on video attacking a Greyhound bus.

Authorities in Washington, D.C. said Mariana Silver, 20, illegally passed the bus and side-swiped a car in the process.

But rather than grab her license and insurance information, Silver reached for her tire jack instead.

The DC Metropolitan Police Department said she’s wanted on several charges after she went on a violent spree in the middle of the street on Thursday.

Greyhound said when its driver confronted the woman, she started hitting the bus.

The video shows the bus driver called 911 to report the attack as she smashes the windows of the bus.
When the woman attempts to leave the scene, the driver stands in front of her car. Determined, the woman eventually takes off, hitting the driver and then leaving him in the street.

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