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Welfare Queen Mother of 12 Robs Parking Meters for $12,000

Cheryl Prudham, 34, is a mother of 12 children who has been dubbed “Queen of the Benefits” as she collects nearly fifty thousand a year from the government.  A few months ago, someone took pictures of her shopping for a Mercedes.  Now it turns out that she had a sideline going also.  She and her estranged husband,  Robert Prudham, 31, are accused of stealing almost $13,000 from various parking meters.  Now, she wants another baby to increase her benefits.  She says she plans to spend the extra money on a boob job and a tummy tuck.  I thought the benefits were for the kids?

 She recently revealed she wants another child, which she plans to have through a sperm donor. She says she’s addicted to getting pregnant.

When Cheryl and Robert were still married, they reportedly took home $73,626 a year and succeeded in evading a $31,899 benefits cap. By having a 13th child, Cheryl would be able to claim more benefits, according to The Mirror.

“Another baby would mean more benefits so the more the merrier,” said Cheryl.

“I’m not worried about getting hit by the benefits cap, there are always ways around it.”

She plans on using the extra money for breast enhancement surgery and tummy tuck.

“I’ve spent most of my life having babies and I wanted to treat myself and concentrate on me for a bit,” she says.

”I’ve had offers of dates but I can’t be bothered with men any more and I’ve realized having babies makes me happy.” (And Richer, too)

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