Whataburger Employee Fired After Assaulting Teen Wearing MAGA Hat

The left has become nothing more than bullies and they need to be held accountable for their actions!

A Video went viral on Facebook showing a grown man in Whataburger throwing a childish fit because a group of teenagers was wearing President Trump’s signature “Make America Great Again” hat. It was all caught on camera:

After the video went viral, Millions of Americans were wondering who this freak was, and why couldn’t he just leave these poor boys alone. Well, for starters, Maxine Waters has encouraged this kind of behavior after she told a crowd last month that anyone who supported the president should be harassed, and refused service. Since then Waters has denied encouraging supports to do this, but the viral video says differently. Mad Maxine Waters know’s she’s on the hook for this kind of behavior, and she has yet to take any kind of responsibility.

The man has been identified as 30-year-old Kino Jimenez. Jimenez has since deleted his facebook account and has officially been FIRED from his daytime job. Justice has been served partially. Now, it’s time for the San Antonio Police to do their jobs and arrest Jimenez for assaulting minors.

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