White Woman and Black Woman Have Exchange Outside Store; Instantly Goes VIRAL

A Texas young woman act of kindness recently went viral after she holds the door open for another woman entering the same restaurant. The simple gesture leads to a much bigger thing as it resulted in friendship.

Brooke Ochoa of Louise, Texas recalled the uplifting story in a Facebook post on August 6, detailing the chain of events that occurred after she went to eat lunch by herself in an un-named restaurant when she saw an elderly black woman walking into the building at the same time, so she decided to hold the door for her.

Surprisingly, the elderly woman, named Delores, was eating by herself as well, and after she asked for a table for one, Brooke invited Delores to eat with her. The two talked for quite a bit, and Brooke learned a lot about Delores’ life. She was deeply moved when she learned that Delores had spent the last decade living with her mom who recently passed away and her aunt who recently was put into a nursing home, so she has been having a hard time being alone,” Brooke said in her Facebook post.


The conversation went on, and after the meal, the two decided to have lunch together again every Thursday.

Brooke’s story of love and compassion towards a total stranger had inspired people across the country, gaining a ton of attention from people on social media. As of this writing, it has been shared over 270,000 times, amassed over a million “likes,” and garnered over 100,000 comments, and it’s easy to see why that happened.

“This just goes to show not all young people are just about themselves and that not only can you become friends with someone who is older than you color also doesn’t matter. We can all learn from them,” one wrote.

“God put them together to help one another. Kindness is free to give and priceless to receive,” one inspired reader said.

It’s amazing when people share love and compassion to one another rather than creating chaos that can cause suffering and mourning.

Article Sources: ABC 6, America Now, Mad World News/Facebook Photo Credit: Mirror Embedded: Brooke Ochoa/Facebook

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