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WHOA: Lisa Page Contradicts Ex-Lover, Peter Strozk During Her Long-Awaited Testimony

While the media hyperventilating over the Trump-Putin summit, there was another hot story that got buried under it.

That was the continuing testimony of former FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

Going into her first day of testimony on Friday, members of the House were very disturbed with her for apparently seeming to evade testifying on Wednesday.

But coming out of the first day, the GOP members were all hailing her cooperation.

And apparently, she revealed even more information during her testimony on Monday.

They even said she would not be testifying as they now believe they have all the information that they wanted from her.

She was quite a different story and very cooperative compared to that of her former lover, Peter Strzok, whose testimony was embarrassingly smarmy, hostile and quite frankly creepy at points, with Strzok trying to play to the audience and to Democrats.

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