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Why did blacks let Hillary allow Jay Z to repeatedly drop racist n-word and f-bombs at her concert?


Black mothers and fathers, civil rights leaders and pastors in Cleveland and in every urban city should reject Hillary Clinton at the ballot box and boycott Jay-Z for him offensively repeatedly dropping the n-word and f-bombs at Clinton’s concert?  On what planet is it permissible for a rapper who makes millions off of records about drugs and death lyrics even mildly morally justified to use racist lyrics?  The answer: When a liberal gives the rapper the political plantation thumbs up

Hillary apparently feels that she desperately needs the black vote because early voter turnout of blacks has dropped in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and other battleground states.  So, what better way to reach the voters than to use the popular profanity laced lyrical millionaire rapper Jay Z?

Does she have such low regard for black youth and for black family values that she feels the best and most effective way to reach young African American voters is to entice them to the polls with a rapper who turns out N-Word lyrics by the barrel and drops F-bombs in his songs for a living?

According to Business Insider’s concert video, Jay-Z was so uncensored that his racist sludge was laced with dozens of racist epithets.  At the Cleveland get out the black vote concert rally he bellowed from the stage, ‘” “F—WithMeYouKnowIGotIt” and his hit “Dirt off Your Shoulder” song.

Can one imagine if GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump had brought a singer on stage to perform equally racially offensive songs?  Not only would the Cleveland NAACP have been at the concert doors in less than ten minutes picketing, but “Black Lives Matter” and Jesse Jackson would have been storming the concert.

But it’s OK for black rappers like Jay-Z to be used by a white bigot liberal who referred to black teens as “Super Predators” that must be brought to heel like a caged animal when her husband Bill Clinton was president.

Worse yet, the former Secretary of State thanked the outlandish curse laced performer for bring his popular racially dehumanizing lyrics to Cleveland to get out the vote for her.  When the black concert goers go home will they wash the racist stench out of their ears? Probably not, because democrat political plantation soap does not work on the brainwashed.

For the young black women who were in attendance, it must be OK to be called a “pimp N—–r” by Jay-Z as long as the democrat feminist presidential candidate was in the audience and giving the thumbs up? It’s time to get real.  When Jay Z rapped. “Ladies is pimps too, go and brush your shoulders off. N—– is crazy baby, don’t forget that boy told you. Get that dirt off your shoulders,” reported Business Insider, it is not done from affection.

Jay-Z is doing what he is told and Hillary only regards the insults, racist lyrics and any other insulting remarks as a way to weaponize the emotion of young black voters in order to move them to vote for her.  Here’s some advice for them from Malcolm X, who said in 1964, “Don’t be a chump.”

If Clinton wins, she will be in the White House and young black voters in Cleveland and all over the nation who succumbed to the racist pandering by Clinton will be in the street, still unemployed, dying from black-on-black crime and regretting her shattered promises.

Of course, this will be their plight until the next election of 2018 and 2020 when the Jay-Z, Beyoncé racist black minstrels are needed to play their predictably musical racism as bait for the black vote.

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