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Why Won’t Al Gore Endorse Hillary?

He was her husband’s VP! Why won’t he endorse Hillary?


Former Vice President Al Gore refused to say that he endorses Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton.

During an NBC “Today” show interview celebrating the 10th anniversary since “An Inconvenient Truth” opened, he answered the looming question.

“Has either Democrat got your endorsement yet?” NBC’s Anne Thompson asked at about the 1:45 mark.

“I’ve gotten signals that you could easily interpret that way,” Gore replied.

Thompson reported Gore as saying. “He will back the Democratic nominee.”

Gore also refused to pick sides during the 2008 primary, when Clinton battled President Barack Obama for the nomination.

Gore served as vice president under former President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton’s husband.

Did those eight years with the Clintons tell him something we don’t know?


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