Woman Dragged off Plane by Wrists

A woman was literally dragged off a plane at Detroit Metropolitan Airport after failing to comply with proper boarding procedures.

She apparently didn’t stop at the boarding gate when Delta Air Lines contacted Detroit Metropolitan Airport police department asking for help with a woman who would not abide by boarding and baggage procedures at a McNamara Terminal gate.

A YouTube video surfaced under the account name of Rene deLamert on Monday. The video, only two minutes long, shows a woman being held by her wrists and dragged down the center aisle of the plane by police officers.

Passengers were caught off guard and stared at the sight they were witnessing.

Police were persistent in tackling the woman out of her seat and bring her down to the ground, other passengers saw.

“No one is gonna’ believe me if I tell them.” says another woman as she watches the police drag the woman from the aircraft.

The woman who was dragged has been ticketed but has not been charged by police but charges are said to be pending.

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