Woman Horrified When Maggots Emerge From Her Leg [WATCH]


A 28-year-old known only by her surname of Gu had to think she was dreaming and having an absolutely terrifying nightmare. She experienced an incredibly traumatic experience that can best be described as a nightmare scenario that you would see in a horror flick. As the Daily Mail explains, maggots would burst out of the woman’s leg.


Gu wasn’t suffering through some sort of alien invasion. She had been traveling through the Brazilian rainforest while backpacking around South America with some friends. Gu recalls being bitten by what she describes as a ‘peanut-sized insect’ on her right leg, but it was nothing that impacted her too severely right away.

It left behind a lump and itched, but Gu was still well enough to continue on with her adventure. However, it continued to itch incessantly. That would get worse when she returned home to Shanghai, but she still didn’t seek medical attention.

The itching continued, and Gu noticed that the bump that was left behind by the insect had split open. What happened next is something you would only expect to see on the big or small screen. All of a sudden, larvae, also known as the ‘grub’ stage of an insect, would begin bursting through her skin.

Her family would rush her over to Longhua Hospital. While there, doctors discovered that there were even more larvae buried beneath her skin. Rather than waiting for them to burst through her skin as well, it was determined that surgery was in order. The procedure is said to have been successful, and Gu is recovering with the assistance of some antibiotics.


It’s believed that she was bitten by an insect that carried the eggs of a human botfly. While Gu obviously had no idea what she was bitten by when it happened, she should have sought medical attention when the itching persisted. Instead, she continued with her excursion and wound up having maggots crawl out of her skin. Hindsight is always 20/20, but we would assume Gu will be a bit more mindful of insect bites going forward.


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