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Woman Objects To Being Thrown Out of a Restaurant For Wearing This

A surfer who also models claims she was thrown out of a restaurant for the clothes she was wearing.  She claims they discriminated against her just because they didn’t like what she chose to wear.  Anastasia Ashley took to Instagram to show her fans what she was wearing and to give her side of what happened.

She wrote:

“I was just discriminated against in a restaurant for my shorts being too short. My shorts aren’t too short and I think as a woman I can choose the shorts I want to wear and I don’t need a restaurant to dress me and tell me what is appropriate or not.”

There are a few things you need to know in order to get the full story.  Besides her shorts being short, she wore a sheer white top with no bra, leaving nothing to the imagination  Secondly, restaurants are allowed to have dress codes and most family restaurants enforce those rules because of the children who eat there.

Here is a statement from the restaurant:

“She was here she was never asked to leave, those are just her interpretations, which are unfortunately not true.”

So, she may not have even been thrown out of the restaurant as she has claimed.  Now, I have never heard of this woman, which may be the real point.  Did this woman dress provocatively and then go to a family restaurant in the hope  of being tossed to draw attention onto herself?  No one in their right mind would wear this outfit to a family restaurant.  Would you take your children to a restaurant where women wear this type of clothing?  I wouldn’t.

H/T AmericaNow

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