Woman’s Pregnant Belly Explodes In Size At Just 8 Weeks, Grows To 6 Feet In Diameter

One of the beauties in the world is that we are all so different. We are born with different genes that determine how we will look physically and what diseases we are more likely to be prone to. This same rule is true when it comes to how a woman carries a baby…every woman is so different. Some carry their babes front and center and others carry high, making for the perfect resting spot for a bowl of soup. Some carry big and some are barely showing well into their third trimester, making us question if there is actually a baby in the belly at all.

While in the womb, babies all grow at a different rate and while doctors can give a range of the baby’s weight, it’s hard to determine exactly how big a woman’s firstborn will be.

One woman in England couldn’t hide her pregnancy if she tried, as her belly was so big in just the first few weeks that people thought she was due any day. Lara Carpenter-Beck has type-I diabetes, which is a condition where the pancreas doesn’t have the ability to produce enough insulin. While the condition was challenging to deal with, it didn’t stop Beck from starting a family, however; she had to deal with a rapidly growing belly throughout her pregnancy, which is one of the side effects, along with high blood pressure and the potential of birth defects.


By the time Beck was 32 weeks pregnant, her baby was already measuring at six pounds, which on average, a baby is between six and nine pounds when it is born full term, at 37 to 40 weeks.

“It was really hard carrying around all the extra weight when I wasn’t used to it,” said Beck, admitting that she struggled throughout the pregnancy.

At one point her husband measured her belly at a circumference of 55 inches. As to be expected, it was especially tough for her to lay on her back, as it felt like she was being crushed.

Her body had a plan of its own and at 36 weeks, her water broke, and she welcomed a baby girl into the world. Baby Savannah weighed 9 pounds 5 ounces when she was born and was perfectly healthy.

Beck gained 90 pounds while she was pregnant with Savannah, most of which was very obviously in her belly. Luckily she managed to lose the weight within a year and she said that she would go through the experience again, regardless of the challenges she faced, which is why she welcomed Savannah’s baby sister into the world in 2016. Her bump was just as big but well worth it.

Being pregnant can be a very trying time for an average mother, as there are so many changes taking place in a woman’s body at the exact same time and so many questions that are being asked by complete strangers who feel the need to sidle those questions up with unwarranted advice. For Beck, it must’ve been exceptionally intense considering people were asking her when she was due at just 12 weeks. That usually doesn’t start until six months, so this poor mom had to endure it for three extra months.


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