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WOW: Jeb Bush Is ACTUALLY Sticking Up For Jim Acosta?!

In case you missed it yesterday, Jim Acosta was banned from the White House  “until further notice” due to his rude and childish behavior during the presser.

Of course, CNN is already screaming that this is a threat to our democracy (we are a republic by the way) but that has not stopped them from their delusional antics.

So, now poor little Jim is getting sympathy from low energy, Jeb Bush.


I do not think Jeb and the rest of the country watched the same exchange. Trump answered his questions and when he didn’t get the responses he was looking for he became rude and combative. Acosta believes that he is allowed to treat Trump and Sarah Sanders poorly because he doesn’t like them, but well I got news for you buddy. It does not work that way and he just learned that the hard way.



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