WOW: Liberal Doctor Claims That Babies Need To “Ask Permission” To Live In Mother’s Womb

Just when you thought the world was crazy enough you see something that shows you how much crazier it can get.

One liberal doctor, an actual OBGYN, has suggested that babies need permission before residing in their mother’s womb.

“And to become a fetus, one needs permission to reside in someone’s uterus and put that person’s health in jeopardy,” Leah Torres wrote on her Twitter account.

Torres who describes her self as  a “nasty woman” and a “Political activist” seemed to hold firm to her illogical argument despite the lack of science behind it.


“You are a doctor? How is the fetus supposed to obtain this permission?” one person asked.

Torres then responded with this absurd reply.

“I am.

“It doesn’t.

“Looks like you’re beginning to understand,” she responded.

That is a headscratcher for sure and yet the conversation continued.

Thankfully, more people jumped in and educated this walking nimrod.



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