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WOW: THOUSANDS Of Liberals Blindly Follow Muslim Call To Prayer During Time Square Protest

Liberals and Muslims converged on Times Square to protest what they like to call the “Muslim ban.” In all reality, we know that the ban is nothing more than a temporary hold on immigrants and refugees from known terroristic countries. However, the left is hell-bent on convincing the world otherwise to otherwise fit their agenda.

The video below causes a great deal of concern when you realize that the liberals in attendance are being led in a “call to prayer” by thousands of Muslims. This tactic is nothing more than these ‘peaceful’ Islamists taking over major cities using emotional protests. In these protests, they use peaceful themes and a loudspeaker of chants but at some point we know that the peaceful will turn to radical and violent soon enough.

It was sad to see Americans listening to this chant and falling under the spell as if it was mid-day in the Middle East!

Watch this…

Last time I checked we lived in America, and we do not have a call to prayer. If they want to practice this religion they can go to the Middle East to do so. If you were to ask any American soldier across the nation that has heard the “call to prayer” they will tell you it is not good. However, in a country that is so heavily indoctrinated into believing that Muslims are peaceful, this will happen.

It’s time to wake the hell up America!

H/T [ Wayne Dupree ]


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