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You Won’t Believe the Things Doctors Find Inside Patients’ Bodies


“It was a million to one shot, Doc!  Million to one.” We’ve all heard the stories and didn’t believe half of them. So now we have some actual proof that the strangest things wind up in people’s bodies that medical folks have to figure out how to get the things out of them.

Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals often find surprising things inside human bodies. Whether the person has intentionally inserted something inside themselves or they have had the misfortune to accidentally lodge an item within their bodies without knowing, having a foreign object within your body can be a very dangerous situation. The item can cause infections, alter the chemical balance or cause other health problems. This means that doctors will often have to rush to get the object out as soon as possible, often with the help of surgery.

#1 20-Inch Long Swamp Eel Eating Through A Man’s Intestines

“Do not try this at home!” We’ve heard the phrase many times, but hardly ever paid attention. This time, however, you should, no, you MUST take the warning seriously and never, ever try THIS at home!

Acute abdominal pain made a 50-year-old man from China’s southeastern province Guangdong admit himself to a local hospital. The physical exam showed the man had peritonitis, but what the X-ray revealed came as a shock to the doctors in the emergency room. They could spot the shadow of an eel! The patient first claimed he inserted an Asian swamp eel in his rectum to relieve his constipation, but later admitted he had seen it in a porn movie and wanted to try it. Initially, the eel could have indeed brought him some sexual pleasure, but eventually, it chewed through his colon and went far inside his body before it got stuck in his body cavity. Because of this sexual experiment the man had to undergo an all-night surgery to have the eel extracted.

#2 Medical Instruments

You would hope that surgeons and all those involved in dangerous medical procedures would be incredibly meticulous, taking extreme care of all of the tools and ensuring that they don’t leave anything behind when they are done. Unfortunately, it is not an entirely unheard of for surgeons to leave some of their instruments in patients following surgery. In the case of 57-year-old Daryoush Mazarei, she had a pair of 10-inch tweezers in her abdomen that were causing significant pain. They were removed and surgeons managed to not leave anything else inside her.

#3 Live Frog

Yang Dincai has long extolled the virtues of eating live animals. The man from southeast China has been swallowing small frogs and rats for more than 40 years and has persuaded many others to do the same to solve a variety of health problems. When Jiang Musheng came to him to discuss his stomach pains, Dingcai almost immediately suggested that the man eat live tree frogs, something he did after seeing Dingcai swallow one whole. This left doctors confused when they later discovered the frogs during a routine scan.

#4 Leather Belt

20-year-old man Anuj Ranjan underwent a surgical procedure meant to treat tuberculosis, for which he was diagnosed. Instead doctors found an eight-inch leather belt in his chest, which he asserted had been lodged in his body from a terrible auto accident in 2006. Strange that it was discovered during surgery, the fact that his pants kept falling down should have told him something.

#5 4-Kilo Hairball Takes Up A Girl’s Stomach

This is another case of a rare psychological disorder which led to a shocking discovery during operation.

An 18-year-old girl from Kyrgyzstan came close to death as she couldn’t digest any food or drink water without being sick for months. When the doctors in the city of Bishkek cut her open, they found a giant hairball. The mass that had taken up all of her stomach had led to the amazing 40-pound weight loss. The girl’s rare condition is known as Rapunzel syndrome and results from trichophagia, i.e. ingesting hair. The patient had been eating her own hair and hair picked up from the floor for years and because the human body doesn’t produce enzymes to digest hair, the mass grew to this incredible size.

The medical practice knows other such severe cases of the syndrome. In 2012, doctors in India removed a hairball weighing 1,8 kg from the stomach of a 19-year-old student. The record is held by a young American woman, who fed herself hair for years until the mass inside her reached the impressive weight of 4,5 kg.

#6 Ringing Cell Phone Fished Out Of A Lawyer’s Rectum

A 39-year-old lawyer from Georgia was showering with his cell phone (because this is what people usually do in the shower!) when he slipped and fell onto the phone, which got firmly stuck in his anus. Or at least this is the story he told the doctors in the ER. During the surgery, the phone rang a couple of times but nobody could answer it before it was removed for the lawyer’s body.

Another story just from last year reveals that an inmate in the infamous Strangeways prison in Manchester complained of severe stomach pain, so the guards took him to the medical wing. The doctor on duty expected for the X-ray to show gallstones, but instead he saw a cell phone in his rectum. Apparently, the intention was to smuggle the item that way. Surgery was not necessary and following the doctor’s orders, the prison guards escorted the convict to the bathroom where he managed to cast out the phone the natural way, and then flushed it.

#7 Dentures

This actually happened when a woman was kissing her partner, and accidentally swallowed his dentures. Picturing old people making out is gross enough… more Fixodent? Super Glue?

#8 Nail

72 year old Prax Sanchez was pretty shocked when he coughed and a nail came out of his nose, but that’s exactly what happened one day. After having an MRI… doctors think that the powerful magnet in the MRI dislodged the nail and Sanchez body spit it out. He said that he has no idea how long the nail had been there since he doesn’t remember how it got there.

#9 An entire cutlery drawer

Hide the silver! Rushed to hospital with stomach pains, Netherlands woman Margaret Daalman was shown on X-ray to have around 78 forks and spoons in her stomach. She had swallowed them. The reasons behind this were unclear but medics theorized that the medical condition known as pica could be to blame. It has been documented as leading pregnant women to eat non-food items including dirt, coal and metal, but the canteen of cutlery was a first. Pass the salt.

#10 Feeling the vibe

Vibrators having to be pulled out of orifices is all in a days work for a medic. Just ask your friend who is a nurse about the things she’s seen. However this pleasure seeker makes the list because not only did an X-ray reveal a large vibrator up his rectum, it also showed that his DIY attempts to retrieve it had failed miserably – there was a pair of salad tongs lodged there too. Kinky.

#11 Rusty Knife

Li Fuyan spent 3 years of his unknowingly carrying around a 4-inch knife in his head. During a robbery, he had attempted to stop the criminal and was stabbed through his throat during the ensuing scuffle. Afterwards, Li believed that the robber must have taken the knife with him and only complained about some bleedings in his throat or occasional problems with swallowing. When he eventually went to hospital, doctors found the blade in his head. It had luckily missed major arteries and nerves and not caused any significant damage to the surrounding tissue.

#12 Coke Bottle

During a burglary, a 60-year-old man claimed that he was sexually abused by the men who had entered his home. A few days later he went to hospital complaining of intense pain in his abdomen and constipation. Doctors scanned the elderly victim and found that he had a full sized coke bottle inside his colon that was entirely intact that required specialist equipment to remove. The man believes that the burglars must have inserted the bottle during the ordeal.

#13 Prison Supplies

Prisoners will often attempt to smuggle items into prison as they know that they might be able to trade valuable goods with other inmates or take in substances that wouldn’t otherwise be available. The types of items will usually be a cell phone or some drugs. One man in Florida though went to extremes by hiding pills, cigarettes, matches, flint, lip balm, condoms and even a syringe in his rectum. Officials found the contraband in his body after they noticed him walking strangely and complaining of pain

#14 Man Fetus

Growing up in Nagpur, India, Sanju Bhagat was often ridiculed for his abnormally large stomach. We all know how it is–kids can be cruel, especially when you’re a man who has looked pregnant his entire life. It’s kind of a horrifying irony that it was ultimately discovered he had been pregnant his entire life. Sort of.

He finally did something about his situation one night when he was rushed to the hospital with shortness of breath and severe pain. When the doctors attempted to remove what they assumed was a tumor, they were mildly shocked to find… Wait, seriously?
..a partially formed fetus. Holy shit, that’s like a scene from a freaking John Carpenter movie. Except like 10 times worse.

One doctor’s natural reaction was apparently to shake hands with the abomination, which had limbs, hair and genitalia.

#15 Stones

Arguments between couples can lead to plenty of problems. Heated words might get said that they later regret, personal belongings might get destroyed or a loved one may do something very stupid. This happened to one woman from China when she attempted to get her partner to listen to her by eating a collection of 20 small stones. After spending several days in intense pain and failing to excrete any of the stones naturally, she went to hospital where surgeons removed every stone from her digestive system.

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