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You’ll Never Guess What Cop Found in His Sandwich From Arby’s

For over a year now, policemen and women have been finding things in their drinks and sandwiches.  One officer could have died when a restaurant worker put drugs in his drink.  In Birmingham, Alabama, an officer went to Arby’s and when he got back to the station, he took a bite out of his sandwich and felt a really hard object.  It turned out to be a one inch bolt.

 A hungry Alabama police officer was shocked when he found a large metal bolt inside his fast food sandwich.

Birmingham Police sergeant Patrick Cosby went through the drive-thru at an Arby’s last Thursday during a night shift to tuck into a roast beef sandwich.

The cop told he paid for his meal – which included the sandwich, a drink, and other food – and drove back to his precinct. He then unwrapped the sandwich and took a bit, chomping down hard on the bolt.

‘I pulled back and spit it out and looked into the sandwich. There’s a massive bolt laying there. I’m kind of in shock,’ Cosby told the newspaper.

The cop then accused the person who made his sandwich of putting the bolt in his food on purpose.

‘I’m playing this out in my head… I wondered if it was intentionally done,’ he said.

‘I feel like it was intentional. What are the chances it was an officer that got the one-inch bolt in his sandwich?

‘If I were making a sandwich at home, I’d know if a 1-inch bolt was in there.’

The cop, who is vocal politically on Facebook and routinely attacks ‘the left’ and ‘liberals’, sent a picture of the bolt to his wife, who shared it on social media.

‘Patrick got a little something extra with his Arby’s sandwich tonight,’ 27-year-old Angela Cosby wrote.

The picture showed the bolt nestled inside the roast beef sandwich, which the cop had taken a bit out of.

Cosby’s mother, Katie Rouse, also shared the image on Facebook, but took it a step further by blaming ‘Black Lives Matter’ for putting the bolt in her son’s meal.

H/T The Mail Online


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