Youngstown Ohio Firefighters Ambushed While Responding. Shots Went Through the Truck

Youngstown, Ohio – Youngstown firefighters were ambushed and one was shot Monday night while responding to a fire.

Fire crews were called to respond to a house fire at Halleck and Elm streets at around 10 PM Monday night. As fire crews were leaving the scene at around 11:30 PM, somebody started shooting at the firefighters. One of the firefighters was shot in the leg, and another bullet passed through the coat of another firefighter.

Law enforcement responded, set up a perimeter, and brought in a K9, but were unable to locate the suspect.

Fire Chief John O’Neill told WKBN news that this was a targeted shooting. “I don’t think they were stray bullets. There were a few shots taken, and we have at least two bullet holes in the truck,” O’Neill said. “Now it’s going to be up to the police. Hopefully, the police will get on this and get someone right away and find out what’s going on and why they did it.”

The suspect is still at large, and law enforcement officers will be escorting firefighters to all fire scene until further notice.

The firefighter who was shot is in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery. The suspect remains at large.

You know, I can see how people might have resentment against the police. Maybe you, or a relative got tuned up while in custody for being an asshole. But firemen?

Everyday they risk personal injury trying to protect our lives and property and all they carry is a friggin hose. I hope they catch this prick.


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