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You’re a “F*cking A**hole” if You Question Hillary Clinton’s Health, According to Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman said people who raise questions about Hillary Clinton’s health are assholes.


When the 45-year-old comedian was asked about rumors that the Democratic nominee is unhealthy, she had a terse response.

“Yeah, I think she’s healthy,” Silverman told a TMZ photographer in Beverly Hills Wednesday. “I think anyone bringing up her health is a fucking asshole. She’s as healthy as — believe me, she’s fine.”

“She’s fine?” the photographer asked. “Clean bill of health?”

“I don’t know,” Silverman responded. “I have no idea.”

Silverman was a vocal Bernie Sanders supporters before he lost the Democratic nomination to Clinton.

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At the Democratic National Convention in July, she said Democratic voters who still supported Sanders were being “ridiculous.”

“As some of you may know I support Bernie Sanders and the movement behind him,” Silverman told the crowd in the Wells Fargo Center. “He’s succeeded in so many ways.”

“He made us realize what was possible and what we deserve. Bernie showed us that all Americans deserve quality health care and education, not just the elite.”

“Can I just say to the ‘Bernie or bust’ people: You’re being ridiculous,” she said.


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