• December 11, 2023

10,000 Plus In Attendance, Trump Sets A Rally Record In Wahington


Donald Trump sure knows how to draw a crowd in. He has had record breaking crowds since he was deemed the Republican nominee. With the election drawing closer, the crowds keep on growing. On Tuesday of this week, there was no exception.

Gateway Pundit:

The Presidential campaign events in the month of August are now almost complete. In the first 31 days since the conventions Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have held many campaign events across the country but when comparing the two campaigns the results are staggering.

Donald Trump will hold his 31st campaign event in August tonight and is expecting at least 15,000 at his event in Arizona.  Trump has held 32 events in August if you count the Roast on Saturday in Des Moines where he was the keynote speaker.  More than 198,000 people will have participated at these events and for 7 of these events (Columbus, Harrisburg, Ashburn, Wilmington, Abingdon, West Bend and Akron) Trump had overflow crowds.  In Everett, Washington as in many locations throughout the campaign, Trump set a new attendance record in the arena where his event was held.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand held only 11 campaign events in August and had a meager 10,000 people show up at these events. (Note that this list only includes campaign speaking engagements and not fundraisers or visits with government and corporate leaders.)


We will see if the crowds are any indication of the election results come November.


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