• April 13, 2024

91-Year-Old Deaf Man Beaten By Thug To Death & Then Did This To His Body

“This is a horrible crime. We’re asking for your help,” Police Chief James Craig exclaimed. That’s just one reaction to how retired TV repairman Paul Monchnik died.

Cops say a man burglarized the home and severely beat the nearly deaf 91-year-old. At a news conference, Craig said that was when bad turned to worse. “In order for the suspect to cover his tracks, he decided to leave the location, obtain some gasoline, return and set the victim and home on fire.”

Paul Monchnik was beaten and then set on fire
Paul Monchnik was beaten and then set on fire

It’s not known if Monchnik died from the beating, or the fire.

“Anybody that can help get this scum off the street, please come forward, and please help,” Paul’s son Scott told theDetroit Free Press.

“Nobody deserves to be treated the way this punk treated my dad.”

Craig agrees. “This must end,” Craig exclaimed. “We’re going to fight hard to identify who’s responsible for this.”

Investigators believe they have surveillance video of the suspect buying the gasoline at a station near the victim’s home.


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