• October 6, 2022

A Dying Soldier’s Mom Yelled At George Bush, His Response Was A Total Surprise

Press Secretary, Dana Perino, divulged a very touching story of grace and humility about George W. Bush when he was president.

Our current president has not made it a point to show respect for those who put their lives on the line and have made unimaginable sacrifices for us.

He made it a habit to visit patients at Walter Reed Military hospital. Visits to the hospital would have to go unannounced for security reasons but despite the troubles and risks Bush still insisted on going.

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He was set to see a total of 25 patients on this particular day. Some soldiers were in comas, suffered horrendous injuries, or were on the verge of losing their lives. Most people on this particular day were very happy to seem him and even greeted him with tears in their eyes, honored that the president would take time out of his busy day to come and show honor to those injured in battle.

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There was however, one interaction that was not as warm as the others.

A mom and dad of a dying soldier were absolutely heartbroken and consumed with grief. The mom yelled at President Bush asking why it was her son in the hospital bed and not him. Her husband tried to step in but to no avail. Bush just stood their and listened to every last word she had to say as if to try and absorb a little bit of her pain.

On the way back to the white house, the President said “That mama sure was made at me.” He then turned to gaze out the window, “…And I don’t blame her a bit.”

Then a tear rolled down his face as the helicopter headed for the Whitehouse.

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It’s good to know that we have a president who insists upon showing honor to those around him. Not much can be said about our current president in this regard. Hopefully he will wake up soon and realize the honor that is due to the men and women overseas who risk their lives daily for us.

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