• June 21, 2024

A Look Inside Where Trump Was Falsely Arrested Will Make You Want To Be Sick….

While Democrats continue to meddle in the 2024 election and ham sandwiches worldwide fear prosecution, there’s a side story that needs to be addressed.

Not that having far-fetched claims against a former president of the United States and many of his friends isn’t serious, putting a stain on the nation’s stability and standing in the world.

However, there is a disturbing, possibly fatal, side scene that adds to the United States’ increasing decline into the third world.

This is the scene at Atlanta’s Fulton County Jail, where Trump surrendered late Thursday and secured a $200,000 bond.

The Fulton County Jail is an embarrassment.

“This place is really nothing short of a hulking, sprawling nightmare,” said CNN correspondent Brian Todd, who examined the jail as the GOP front-runner in the 2024 presidential race made his way there.

According to Todd, when the jail opened in 1989, it was known locally as “Rice Street” because of its address.

“Almost immediately after it opened, it was overcrowded, had deplorable conditions, and was just a horrible place to be,” he said.

“Just last month, the Justice Department announced an investigation into this place because of ‘allegations of unsafe, unsanitary living conditions, excessive force and violence,’” Todd said.

While the listed jail capacity is 2,688 inmates, he said there were 3,221 in April, indicating a jail population of about 120 percent.

Seven detainees died at the jail this year and 15 perished last year, including Lashawn Thompson, 35, who was discovered dead in his cell in September 2021.

“His lawyers and the medical examiner say he died from neglect, malnourishment, other horrible conditions,” Todd said.

“But it was also — he was found with bedbugs and lice just infesting his body,” he continued, noting that Thompson’s lawyers released photos of his cell.

CNN did not publish the segment on their website, but Mediaite did on Thursday. Others distributed the footage over social media.

Inmates are using components of the deteriorating Fulton County Jail as weapons because conditions are so terrible.

“Last year at a public meeting, law enforcement officers wheeled into this public meeting a wheelbarrow full of shanks,” Todd said. “The shanks were taken, they say, by inmates who just basically grabbed crumbling pieces of the walls and fashioned shanks out of them to attack other inmates.”

He showed images and described the horrid conditions in the jail.

“Grime, dirt all over the place, toilets overflowing, air conditioning broken, lice, bedbugs, other insects everywhere … absolutely horrible,” the CNN correspondent said.

Todd stated that Fulton County Sheriff Patrick Labat is aware of the issues.

However, the sheriff stated that the county requires $2 billion to construct a new jail.

That can be difficult to sell because there are other needs for county funds, and convincing taxpayers to cover jail charges might be challenging.

Nonetheless, from a cost-benefit basis, renovating the county’s jail facilities may be less expensive than filing many cases.

But that isn’t the main problem.

Whether right or wrong, the United States has a high incarceration rate. If that is the path to take, steps must be made to guarantee that prisoners, particularly county jail inmates, who are often considered legally innocent until proven otherwise, have constitutional safeguards against mistreatment.

Aside from the Constitution, it is the right thing to do.

Meanwhile, 18 suspects in the Georgia election indictment blunder, including Trump, were granted bond and released from Rice Street.

One of them was not.

Harrison Floyd, the leader of Black Voices for Trump, must remain in jail since he was accused of assaulting an FBI agent who was issuing him with a subpoena, an incident in which Floyd said FBI officers failed to properly identify themselves.


Is Floyd being imprisoned for the crime of being Black and MAGA?

Such thoughts are generated by a two-tiered judicial system.

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