• October 26, 2021

A New Study Just Ripped A BIG Myth About The Unvaxxed To Pieces!

Since the COVID vaccines became available there has been a massive push to get everyone vaccinated. The mainstream media has constantly pushed that the reason we are seeing so many cases still sweeping the nation and the world is based on the unvaccinated.

The news headlines that emerged were calling it the “pandemic of the unvaccinated”.

Of course, that sells more papers and also creates a further divide among the population but that is exactly what they all want. And, when I say “they” I mean the powers that be.

The media has maligned those who do not want to receive the jab as a threat to the public and many are being discharged from their medical doctors if they do not want the vaccine.

So much for personal choice, eh?

However, the mainstream media’s narrative may be unraveling after a key development has occurred. As it so happens, the CDC is admitting that vaccinated and unvaccinated carry similar viral loads.

That means that they both can transmit the virus:

If you have not noticed, the number of vaccinated people still coming down with COVID continues to rise and why is that? Of course, the media will call that “breakthrough cases”, but is it really that?

There have been massive amounts of these so-called “breakthrough cases” that it just can’t be that considering that in some places there is an extremely high vaccinated population, as well as masks, plus social distancing.

Take a look:

Also, a study that has been released from the Oxford University Clinical Research Group made findings that destroy the mainstream COVID-19 narrative.

On August 10th of this year, The Lancet published that researchers discovered viral loads to be dramatically higher in vaccinated individuals.

We aren’t talking by a small amount either, but 251 times higher. This discovery blows the theory that the unvaccinated are the culprits of being super-spreaders completely out of the water.


From THE LANCET Preprint:

Findings: Between 11th–25th June 2021 (week 7–8 after dose 2), 69 healthcare workers were tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. 62 participated in the clinical study. 49 were (pre)symptomatic with one requiring oxygen supplementation. All recovered uneventfully. 23 complete-genome sequences were obtained. They all belonged to the Delta variant, and were phylogenetically distinct from the contemporary Delta variant sequences obtained from community transmission cases, suggestive of ongoing transmission between the workers. Viral loads of breakthrough Delta variant infection cases were 251 times higher than those of cases infected with old strains detected between March-April 2020. Time from diagnosis to PCR negative was 8–33 days (median: 21). Neutralizing antibody levels after vaccination and at diagnosis of the cases were lower than those in the matched uninfected controls. There was no correlation between vaccine-induced neutralizing antibody levels and viral loads or the development of symptoms.

You can totally expect the mainstream media to do everything they can to sweep this study under the rug.