• July 15, 2024

A Seven Year Old Boy and His Parents Face Charges After Boy Shoots Father

A seven year-old boy and both parents are facing charges after the kid shot his father during an argument. The man’s son told the cops that he had gotten in an argument with his father and was pissed off that he had to spend the weekend with him.

So he got the unloaded gun, got the unlocked rounds, loaded it and fired at his father. Luckily for the old man, it only hit him in the wrist.

When the police got to the residence, two weapons had already been taken from the scene. They were found locked and loaded and were not secured, according to court documents.

The cops found a third gun, which was the one used to shooting, under a pile of dirty clothes in a bedroom.

The wife told the police that she had fell asleep on the floor of the living room, then she heard the round go off.  She says she looked up and saw the father with blood on his face and hand.

The couple apparently kept their guns in the dresser next to the bed. The police also found ammo and loaded mags all over the home.

The boy told the cops that his father had shown him how to handle guns, and that he was aware of three firearms in the home, where they were located and how to load them. He also told the police that the incident was not an accident.

The youth has been charged with one count of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon. The mother and father have been charged with the neglect of a dependent.

The case has been filed in juvenile court, according to Johnson County Prosecutor Brad Cooper, and the boy will not be charged as an adult. The Indianapolis Star typically does not identify juveniles accused of a crime unless their cases have been waived to adult court.

This is the kind of shit that stresses everybody out about gun laws, and it should. First of all in my opinion, a seven year old is too young to be working out with handguns. Secondly, and most obviously, the weapons should have been secured.

Lastly, but not least the irresponsible behavior of these adults and many more like them are to blame for the violence that has escalated across our country.

Imagine if the kid had gotten upset with students or teachers at his school?


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