Adult Film Star Takes Rape Fantasy ENTIRELY TOO FAR…?

She lived it and revealed the entire tale…



Adult film star, Christy Mac, was just told by a judge that jurors will hear her story. It is a crazy one, too. Reportedly, her ex-boyfriend, MMA fighter Jonathan Koppenhaver, also known as War Machine, described “rape fantasies” to her before savagely beating her and sexually assaulting her.

On August 8, 2014, War Machine allegedly attacked Mack, breaking 18 bones, knocking out teeth, fracturing her rib, and rupturing her liver. Her nose was also broken.

Next month, the case is due, and District Judge Elissa Cadish ruled that the jury will be told about rape comments that had come up prior to the horrific event.

The rape comments, or rape fantasies, first were revealed in pre-trial hearings with Ms. Mack. The 35-year-old MMA veteran, Koppenhaver, is said to have repeated, “real men rape.”

‘Do you ever recall stating to Mr. Koppenhaver that “real men rape”?’ defense lawyer Brandon Sua asked the actress last week, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Mack first replied by saying it was a joke between them, before she added: ‘That was a pretty common slogan for him to say, and yes, I would repeat it back to him.’

She then told the judge she had asked ‘War Machine’ to play out a rape fantasy with her on one occasion, however she said: ‘It never came to fruition. I wouldn’t want to have an actual rape happen.’

War Machine has plead not guilty to all 34 counts of rape, kidnapping, and attempted murder. He has been belligerent, at times. At one point he blew a kiss at a prosecutor and laughed as Mack cried while describing the alleged assault and abuse. Apparently, War Machine thought that Mack was cheating on him with another man named Cory Thomas, who he also allegedly assaulted.

War Machine insists that the charges are “bs.” Mack says that, at one point, she was in love with him and thought that the horrific event would never happen again.

Who knows what a jury will decide in a crazy scenario like this? Would you vote guilty or not?


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