• December 11, 2023

African Migrants At Mexico Border Waiting Their Chance To Seek Asylum

This is the other story of migration you might not be are of. The back door of Mexico, thanks to Democrat Policy, is wide open for migrants to attempt. Many are from Africa waiting for the door to open, and then look out for the rush of third world people with no plan but to get government assistance.

According to Judicial Watch:

The Obama administration has done a great job of promoting its various back-door amnesty programs, which include perpetually extending a humanitarian measure designed to temporarily shield illegal immigrants from deportation during emergencies. It’s known as Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and in the last few years migrants from several African countries have received it so the new influx is not all surprising. Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone got TPS back in 2014 over the lingering effects of the Ebola Virus and earlier this year.

The Africans are mostly entering Mexico through the southern state of Chiapas, which borders Guatemala. This week alone 424 Africans arrived at the Chiapas immigration station, which is situated in Tapachula. Shelters in Tijuana currently have 154 migrants from African countries waiting on their U.S. “The undocumented don’t want to stay in Mexico,” the news article clarifies. “They want to make it to U.S. territory to solicit asylum based on the life conditions that prevail in the continent.” The other question is other than being undocumented, what diseases can or are they carrying? It is possible there could be lingering Ebola Virus. Is this safe ? This is the Calais migrant situation on the southern boarder, with no good ending in sight. Concerned yet ? What do you think?

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