• July 15, 2024

American Butchered By Knife Wielding Somali Immigrant In London

An American tourist was stabbed and killed in Russell Park in London last night by a Norwegian of Somali decent. The suspect immigrated from Norway to the United Kingdom in 2002 at the age of five. In other words, the attacker is another immigrant.

At the time of this article, reports have not indicated if this attack was terror-related, though it is a strong possibility. At this time the victim has not been identified.


According to Fox News:


Knives are the most common murder weapon in Britain, which has strict gun-control laws. There were 186 knife killings in the year to March 2015, according to government statistics — a third of all murders.

In the last three years London has seen two knife attacks by people inspired by radical Islam. In May 2013, two al-Qaida-inspired London men killed off-duty soldier Lee Rigby in the street near his barracks. In January, mentally ill Muhiddin Mire tried to behead a London Underground passenger, shouting that he was doing it “for Syria.”

A gun here a knife there it doesn’t seem to matter when evil wants to rear it’s ugly head, it finds a way. I keep pointing to the middle east and Africa, the third world migration into the civilized world that these people cannot adapt to. It really is a shame that the opportunity for a better life is laid at their collective feet, but for a great percentage, it will only lead to heartache for others.

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