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Another Child Protective Services/Medical Kidnapping. Follow The Money!

It’s the Justina Pelletier case all over again. And sadly, these two cases are not the only cases across the country. It’s just not that rare, but the details of this particular case have some very disturbing details and involve some growing concerns of a decaying law enforcement, best interest of the child culture.

KaSandra Dalton made a bad choice when she decided, one evening, to sneak out the house, but what happened to her changed the course of her life and separated her from her family, maybe for ever. She was raped, stalked, placed in foster care in which she became infested with lice and bitten by bed bugs, and all this ball started rolling with false claims against her family, by the rapist. Yep, that’s what I said, the rapist.

You are not gonna believe this story in Medical Kidnap.com.

How does a teenager being held against her will by a man turn into her being taken from her parents by Child Protective Services and being held against her will in a group home? How can a system allegedly allow such a man to make false reports to the police about the parents, and he is the one who goes free, while her parents watch in horror as police and CPS kidnap their daughter from them hours after they rescue her from her assailant? Stranger things have happened; after all, this is the town next to Ferguson, Missouri.

But this time, there is no rioting in the streets. The Daltons are members of the Children of the Four Winds Tribe, part of the federally recognized Six Nations, and they are fighting back legally in the courts. Leaders in the Six Nations have vowed to take this all the way to the Supreme Court if they have to. They claim injustice is happening to a Native American family, and their sovereign tribe is not happy.

According to the blog, “War on Corruption,” the first to address this story, it is “one that defies all logic, rationality, and law.” (Story here and here.)

Their daughter just wants to come home, where she can feel safe again. In a letter dated October 12, 2014, KaSandra pleaded with authorities to hear her voice:

The best place for me right now is at home with my family, where they can protect me.

It All Started with an Argument Over the Teenager’s Cell Phone

KaSandra Dalton is 16 years old – pretty, smart, and athletic, and a fairly typical teenager in that she doesn’t always do what her parents want. Some guys dropped her off at her home on the evening of August 11, 2015, after she spent the night with one of her best friends. They didn’t stick around to answer any questions when KaSandra needed assistance to get into the house. She told her mom that she hurt her leg playing soccer.

Rosemary and William Dalton, KaSandra’s parents, checked her leg, but didn’t find any swelling. Rosemary wanted her to go to their doctor to get it checked out, but KaSandra told them that she didn’t need to go. She was texting on her phone while she argued with her parents. Rosemary reports that she wasn’t acting right. She told her daughter to give her the cell phone, but KaSandra tried to hide it under her leg.

When her father got ahold of her phone, he was alarmed to find some inappropriate content, including messages that turned out to be from the 3 young men who had dropped her off earlier. He tried to call the people she was talking to.

KaSandra was upset and went to her room. Her dad told her that he would take her to the doctor when she decided she was ready to go, while Rosemary headed to the store for a part to fix the plumbing issue she had been working on when her daughter came home. By this time, it was around 10:30 pm.

Teenager Goes Missing

Less than an hour later, William called his wife to tell her that KaSandra was not in her room – she was missing. Rosemary immediately headed home, and they called friends and 911. Officer Gresco of the Woodson Terrace police department came out to help search, but the Daltons continued to search after the officer left. William scoured his daughter’s phone looking for clues. He took a couple of his sons and found the neighborhood where the car was that had dropped off KaSandra earlier that evening.

Found at a Man’s House – They Beg Her Mom Not to Press Rape Charges

He went door-to-door asking for the owner of the car. Around 4:30 am, he found the right house, that of Mohammed Cisse, an adult male, age 20. At first, they reportedly refused to let her out, but about 20 minutes later, KaSandra came out of the house crying. Mohammed’s father came out to try to talk to William, but he refused to talk to him. He asked to talk with the mother, so Rosemary spoke with him on the phone. The first words out of his mouth were:

I am so sorry. I didn’t know she was 16. Please do not press statutory rape charges against my son.

William headed home with his daughter, very thankful to have found her. They notified Officer Gresco, who met them at their house. He took KaSandra aside to talk with her. At that time she was walking on her injured leg, and told the officer that it wasn’t hurt bad. She told him that her parents had yelled at her earlier, and that she had been mad about the phone.

Her parents later discovered that she had called a friend to pick her up after her mother left for the store. That friend told Mohammed, and Mohammed was the one who picked her up. KaSandra thought he was going to take her to her girlfriend’s house, but he refused. Instead, he drove her around town, and into the next county, then back to his house. She said that she repeatedly asked him to take her home, but he refused, holding her prisoner against her will. She later referred to her father picking her up as him “rescuing her.”

Her mother says that her daughter looked “shocked” and “traumatized.” She had a look of shame about her, and gave off many behavioral indications of having been victimized. But, Rosemary was never given the opportunity to try to help her daughter process what had happened.

Officer Gresco left the house at 5:36 am.

Her Attacker Calls Police on Her Parents!

One minute after Gresco left, a call allegedly came in at 5:37 am to the police reporting that a child welfare check was needed on KaSandra. The caller reported that her parents had abused her. The caller was allegedly Mohammed, who was parked down the street from the Dalton home, watching everything.

Five police officers showed up at the house, not including Officer Gresco. They didn’t have a warrant, and reportedly became hostile when Rosemary asked for the warrant that she has the Constitutional right to demand. Guns were drawn and there was screaming. The police demanded that KaSandra be taken to the emergency room at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital for medical care for her leg.

KaSandra had just been telling her mom before the police arrived that she didn’t need to go the doctor, and Rosemary had just told her that she was going to take her to their doctor at 8 am, when their office opened. But the police allegedly wanted none of that, insisting that she go immediately, because they had a report that she needed medical care.

KaSandra Terrified When She Sees Mohammed Outside Her Home

When KaSandra looked outside, she “turned white as a ghost – terrified,” reports her mom. She saw Mohammed sitting outside between two police cars. The frightened girl demanded:

THAT’S your source??

She had already been through a very traumatic night, and the officers were quite forceful in their demands. She agreed to go to the hospital as long as her mother went with her. Her mother’s pleas to go to their doctor, who was a specialist, reportedly went unheeded. By that time, she says that she had figured out that it was an ACL injury, and she needed a sports medicine doctor.

They forced me to go against my knowledge on sports injuries and made me take her to an E.R. that was not a specialist which resulted in medical neglect on their part.

Doctors Ignore Parent’s Requests

When they got to the hospital, Rosemary asked for 3 things from the E.R. doctors:

  1. For them to examine her leg
  2. A rape kit, because at this point, Rosemary didn’t know what had happened to her daughter while she was missing, and
  3. A psychological evaluation, because KaSandra was obviously traumatized after her ordeal

None of those things happened. Instead, at around 7:15 am, the police called the E.R. doctor to tell him about Mohammed’s allegations, ignoring the fact that Mr. Dalton had just rescued his daughter from the man. Over the course of the next few hours, Rosemary was forced out of her daughter’s room. The staff was forbidden to tell her anything. They allegedly ignored everything that both Rosemary and KaSandra told them, instead, taking the word of her abductor.

Read the rest of the story here, for the details. Mohammed, stalked and tried to kidnap her, not once but twice, and police ignored requests to for a restraining order, and no charges were ever filed against him, either.


ActivistAlliance filed this letter, written by the Tribal Nation mentioned above. In this important letter, they outline the REAL REASON this kind of corruption happens here and across the country. It’s about money!

To the office of; Loretta Lynch

We submit to the office of the U.S. Department of Justice the following list of Child welfare division Case workers, Supervisors and employees in and effort to inform, report and submit the Crimes against the American people and the unconstitutional removals of children from the familial units supported by the Federal standard of placement with Kin as priority.

We demand an investigation into the practices of State operated Child welfare divisions as a Human trafficking program as defined for the purposes and definition of Human trafficking legislation, as ‘ Human trafficking can occur within a country or trans-nationally. Human trafficking is a crime against the person because of the violation of the victim’s rights of movement through coercion and because of their commercial exploitation. Human trafficking is the trade in people, and does not necessarily involve the movement of the person from one place to another.” “the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation.”

Under the Clinton Administration, the following legislation was adopted under a cash incentive to the states to remove children for adoption, as; The legislation also would provide cash bonuses to states that increase their adoptions, giving them $4,000 for each child adopted above the previous year’s number and $6,000 for each adoption of a child who is older or has some physical or emotional disability.

The transfer of children into the foster system has become a human trafficking program as shown by the facts and definitions put forth by the United Nations Global Initiative to fight Human Trafficking. The states have shown to be acting in the best interests of state revenue and not on the safety and well being of Families of the United States.

We submit an overview of our research and campaign to reform the Child Welfare Divisions and list of submitted Child Welfare Employees who have conducted unconstitutional removals of children from familial units for the sole intent of trafficking children for Federal incentives and financial gains for State revenue. We demand an investigation and reform.

State Operated Child Protection Services

Supportive and conclusive evidence of criminal arrests of Child Welfare Caseworkers, Supervisors, Foster Parents, Directors of Youth Facilities, Adoptive Parents, and affiliated associates of the processes of Child Abuse procedures provides a clear outline of criminal activities within the internal operations of local, city, state and federal employees.

These crimes include; Child sexual assault, Death, Imprisonment, Medical Neglect, Falsification of records, False testimony, Negligence of duties, DUI while in custody of a child, Harboring a Child Sex Offender, Withholding evidence, Failure to Investigate, Gang Affiliations, Drug dealing, Human Trafficking, Domestic Assault, Sexual Assault, Conspiracy (of two or more) to Conceal Evidence, Abuse of Office against Victim, Witness in retaliation actions, Targeting Children for Adoption, Intent to deny Parental Rights to Medical Care, Conspiracy (of two or more) in Medical Care to Deny Citizen right to choose Medical treatment, Conspiracy (of two or more) to conceal deaths in State Custody, Conspiracy (of two or more) to Secure Infant Adoption availability, Conspiracy (of two or more) to extend Foster care stay for Federal Dollar Incentives in Denial of Reunification, Conspiracy (of two or more) in Legal proceedings, Judicial, Minors counsel, Caseworkers to make Permanent State Custody and Adoption of children with Biological Family (Next of Kin) Denial and Conspiracy (of two or more) to deny Citizen right to School of choice.

Each crime listed above is supported through public records, articles and arrests of actual occurrences within the nation.

The extensive crimes against the Parents and Children, financially and psychologically, have been extensively studied with ample resources available to understand the depth of damage and harm done to this population of people who have fallen victim to;

Internal Corruption, Improper training, Low Standard for Hiring and Minimal Background checks under the office of Child Protection Service.

In securing the safety of children, our most vulnerable citizens, the system has failed to uphold strict requirement of the offices given the power to take legal ‘custody’ or ‘possession’ of a child from biological parents, family, and extended family. These qualifications to meet all expectations of the child abuse workers should be extended beyond the current requirements, to include;

Routine Drug checks for CPS employees, Psychological evaluations for CPS employees, Home Evaluations of CPS employees, Conflict of Interest penalty (Caseworkers acting as Foster and Adoptive Parents, Adoption Broker), Standard College Law License and Degree, Standard Psychologist License and Degree, Standard General Practitioner License and Degree, Cultural and Humanities Study and Law Enforcement Training.

These strict requirements are necessary, and /or, the very same measures for which Parents are held to account and expected to perform to gain reunification with their children. And in some cases, with all programs and requires fulfilled, families are denied reunification with biological children, nieces, nephews, cousins, brothers and sisters. As the program requires this strict obligation of the American Citizens, so to, should the public servants acting on behalf of government programs, paid for by the American taxpayers, be obliged to the same standard.

While it is believed, these requirements will reduce the internal corrupted individuals within the government and state programs designed to aid children, it is only adding increased costs and inefficiency of state budgets stretched beyond their capabilities in their current structure and the national cost of the programs under the Department of Children and Families. The current model of child protection is outdated in the current technology and innovations of communications, reporting and investigating. We have seen no better professional skill in addressing child exploitation than the work performed by Missing and Exploited Children, Protect, ICAC and state task forces specially trained in crimes against children. The task enforcement teams designated for child abuse investigations are under staffed with only five or six investigators for the populace our largest cities.

We propose a restructure of the Child Protection Federal Funds into the Divisions of Law Enforcement divisions of Investigations into Crimes against children by specialized trained Investigators with access to full discovery, forensics, medical and mental experts for prosecutions of crimes against children, in conjunction with, trained psychologists to determine placement of children with biological family and resources to refer families of low income into programs designed to provide basic needs to improve living conditions, drug addictions, disability assistance, medical and mental health assistance

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