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Another Of Obama’s Darkest Secrets Have Emerged With These Disturbing Images

For eight years we were forced to endure President Obama and his destructive policies that tore our country in two. Obama did everything in his power to destroy our country and succeeded in many ways. Obama spread his lies about America and demonized our Founding Fathers and our Constitution while Michelle went around complaining that the White House was built by slaves. In addition to Obama’s “race war,” his policies resulted in slave auctions being brought back to Africa and Libya is now being overrun by Muslims. All this because Obama spent his entire presidency demonizing white people for their ancestors owning slaves over 200 years ago.


Obama has always hated America due in large part to his mentors being radical anti-Semitic and anti-American who denounced the Constitution as a document “stained by this nation’s original sin of slavery.” Thanks to Obama and his hateful rhetoric, hate groups like BLM are thriving. Police officers are being killed by these groups who are justifying murder by saying white people deserve to die all because a small percentage of our ancestors owned slaves. Obama even invited BLM leadership to the White House just days after five Dallas police officers were killed. But isn’t it ironic that after Obama used America’s past slavery issues as the basis of his race war he would be the one to single-handedly bring slavery to Africa?

Canada Free press reported:

“The first black president, who had allied with hate groups such as Black Lives Matter that accused America of genocide, had made possible an actual genocide of black people by his Arab Muslim allies.”

After Obama invaded Libya to aid the Muslim Brotherhood, black slaves are being sold there once more.

Videos show black people being put up for sale for as little as $400 by Arab Libyan Muslim slave traders. The black men were sold as slaves are described as “big strong boys for farm work.”

After years of lecturing Americans about the “original sin” of slavery, Obama brought it back.

Obama’s Arab Spring encouraged Islamist movements in their bids for power whether they used ballots or bullets. The resulting devastation in the Middle East, with its death toll in the hundreds of thousands, and the rise of ISIS, has captured the world’s attention. But the Islamist wave spread chaos and terror through Africa. Egypt and Tunisia fell into the hands of Islamist killers who brutalized their own people even as the media cheered these “democratic revolutions”. Boko Haram allied with ISIS in Nigeria.

And Obama illegally bombed Libya to aid the Muslim Brotherhood and allied Islamist groups in their bid for power. The regime change operation in Libya had been urged on by Hillary Clinton. The former Secretary of State had been encouraged by her associates to use it as a platform for a presidential run. But the Islamist takeover in Libya made for a bad photo op. Our attempts to address the flow of Qatari weapons into the hands of terrorists (after Obama gave a pass to their weapons smuggling scheme during the civil war) led to the Benghazi massacre. And the blackest stain on Hillary’s record.

But it didn’t stop with Benghazi.

Libya tumbled into a second civil war between Islamists and the Libyan government. Despite the media blackout, the violence touched off by Obama’s regime change has never really stopped. ISIS has a significant presence in Libya. And until recently had a death grip on parts of Benghazi.

And that isn’t the worst of it.

The Islamist Arab rebels had quickly begun targeting Africans during the civil war in a racist purge. Photos and videos showed beheadings, beatings, and mutilations. The false claims of genocide in Benghazi that Obama had used to justify his invasion became real when his invasion led to the actual ethnic cleansing of Africans in Libya.

Libya is now facing another Civil War between the established government and the radical Muslims, and the conflict has thrown the entire Middle East into chaos that is resulting in many blacks being enslaved throughout Africa. These people are being terrorized by their own people, and Obama still is hailed as a champion of black people’s rights.How ironic is it that the first black president who spent his entire two terms demonizing white Americans for once owning slaves would be the clown to single-highhandedly bring slavery back to Africa? Wonder how these black slaves are feeling about Obama’s “hope and change?”

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