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Authorities Shocked at What They Found When Answering Complaint [VIDEO]

Authorities were called out to investigate a complaint of animal cruelty and were shocked at what they found.  The ground was covered in yellow and once they got close, they saw a sight that sickened them.  It never surprises me any more when I see people who brutalize or abandon animals but in this case I was amazed that anyone could do this.


The yellow covering the ground were baby chicks.  People who raise chickens need incubators because the chicks need the warmth they would normally get from their mother.  To leave them to fend for themselves is a death sentence for them.

Any animal that’s been someone’s pet can fall victim to abandonment, though we most often only hear about cats and dogs.

From rabbits and gerbils to the rarer pets like pigs and chickens, all animals are susceptible to neglect. Regardless of species or breed, a creature that’s been taken in as a companion shouldn’t be left on its own to fend for itself.

When animal rescuers from Cambridgeshire, England alerted to a matter in need of their attention, they were shocked at what they found: A large area of ground in a field that was completely in yellow. What it turned out to be was nothing like they’d ever seen…

The animal cruelty officers tried to gather up all the chicks they could find and transported them to a shelter, where they could be taken care of.  The thing they will have to worry about is that no one wants a pet chicken and eventually they will have to be sent to an egg or a chicken farm.

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