• April 15, 2024

Bank Tellers Receive Unexpected “Illness” After Handling Dirty Money

Well that is just gross!

Doctors told two Chinese bank tellers in Wenzhou, Zhejiang that they caught sexually transmitted diseases from handling dirty money.

One of the bank tellers, A Li (pseudonym), told her doctor that the only person she had been sexually active with was her fiancé, who tested negative for any STD’s. A gynecologist told A Li that she got genital warts from handling the money and most likely using the bathroom without washing her hands first.

The other teller, Xiaole (pseudonym) claimed she had no prior sexual experience. Her doctor also said that she got the disease from counting paper money at work.

Doctors have stated that STD’s can be spread by touching dirty public toilet seats, sharing utensils, using swimming pools, and also by touching money. Genital warts can be spread just from skin to skin contact, even if no warts are visible.

Make sure to wash your hands before handling money; you never know whose hands it’s been in before you.


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