• April 13, 2024

Before Getting Killed Fighting ISIS, He Had 4 PERFECT Words For Liberals

Earlier this year, Canadian John Robert Gallagher left his homeland to become a freedom fighter in Northern Syria. He joined the Kurdish People’s Protection Unit known as YPG in their fight against ISIS. The YPG are outgunned and outnumbered by ISIS, yet they realize they are in an existential fight against a group determined to annihilate them.

Gallagher joined the YPG in June and was reportedly killed Wednesday November 4th, 2015, by an ISIS fighter on a suicide mission. Before his death, Gallagher wrote a manuscript detailing his motivation for fighting with the YPG against ISIS, wishing to explain his motivations for fighting and possibly dying in the fight, a decision he admitted would be seen by some as insane. The manifesto was reproduced in its entirety by the National Post, a Canadian newspaper based in Ontario.

According to the National Post, Gallagher wrote,

This war has [against ISIS] produced casualties on every continent, in nearly every nation on earth. It has had periods of intense fighting, followed by long stretches of rearming and regrouping, but it has never ended. It is not even close to being won. Someday historians will look back and marvel at how much effort we put into deceiving ourselves about the nature of this conflict [against ISIS], and wonder how we convinced ourselves that it was not even taking place.

On ISIS’ theocratic fervor Gallagher wrote,

Theocracy isn’t just as dangerous as fascism; it’s the model of fascism, and all totalitarianisms. Communism said ‘instead of god, the Party.’ Fascism said, ‘instead of god, the Nation!’ Theocracy simply says ‘God.’

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