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Berkeley Protester Asks For It and Trump Supporter Gives It to Him

A Berkeley snowflake challenged a Trump supporter carrying an American flag.  San Francisco’s Kyle Chapman calls himself “Based Stickman”, who got his name after fighting off Berkeley Nazi fascists using a stick, was walking around Berkeley carrying an American flag.  One snowflake got up in Chapman’s face and challenged him to a fight with several other fascists of the Nazi persuasion backing him up.  Chapman then obliged him with 2 hits.  Chapman hit the snowflake and then the snowflake hit the ground.


Chapman said:

“Just wanted to show you guys there is nothing to fear by coming out here and exercising our First Amendment rights.  Most of the inhabitants of this city are a bunch of f***ing cowards that couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag.”

“You gonna pull out a knife, too?” one man is heard asking Chapman.

“I don’t wanna see y’all around here again,” another tells Chapman as the gang closes in on him in the middle of Berkeley’s Civic Center Park.

At one point one of them marched right up to Chapman and began yelling at him and challenging him to fight, Berkeleyside reported.

Another man was seen on video taking a swing at Chapman with a skateboard, but by then Chapman was waving his stick with Old Glory on the end like a baseball bat, and there apparently were no more takers.

Police told Berkeleyside:

“Officers responded and found Chapman had gotten into an altercation with an unidentified man who struck him with a skateboard, and another male … who allegedly brandished him with a large knife.”

Chapman and the snowflake with the knife were arrested.  Chapman was released the next day and will be one of the speakers at the pro Trump rally in Berkeley.


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