Bill’s Mistress, Sally Miller Afraid Clintons Will Kill Her…Book Tells of Bill Smoking Pot and Snorting Coke

sally miller

Former Miss Arkansas Sally Miller, also known as Myra Belle “Sally” Miller or Sally Perdue, has told her friends that if they see a report that she had committed suicide, not to believe it.  Ms Miller is a former mistress of Bill Clinton.

“In this election year, if you read I died….by committing suicide….don’t believe it.”

Ms Miller already knows how vengeful the Clintons, in particular Hillary can be.  Back in the 1990s, Hillary had her operative, Ron Tucker threaten her.  She was offered a federal job and told to keep her mouth shut, because if she didn’t,  ‘then they knew if I went jogging by myself and couldn’t guarantee what would happen to my pretty little legs.’

Jack Dennis for wrote:

“It’s been well established, but underreported by American media, that Hillary Clinton unleashed her operatives, including Ron Tucker, to threaten Miller beginning in 1992.”

Miller believes her home is being monitored and that she gets followed to the park.  Furthermore, she is getting friend invites by young men saying they like older women.  Miller wrote this statement:

The signs are evident— I’m being followed. I’m being inundated with Facebook requests from young, handsome men in search of an older woman, and my phone rings with numbers listed as “unknown.” No messages, only more” unknown” phone calls. For no reason, a writer and neighbor who never so much as waved in the 8 years I’ve lived here… wants to be my friend, visit me, come into my house and share her writing tips. Now, on my early morning visits to the doggie park, men driving trucks with dark windows, stop to ask directions. Recently I watched two men video-taping the area and they laughingly pointed their camera in my direction. Today, looking out my window, I noted two cars driving slowing by my house. In a few minutes they returned to drive past again. The drivers were hidden behind dark windows. True, my house is for sale but in my neighborhood— two cars driving past my house at the same time— constitutes a traffic jam. Small signals but, remembering the past with its crazy—and deadly—coincidences, I have every reason to be concerned— all over again.

Miller describes Hillary as “completely evil, heartless, and totally selfish.”  Miller wrote a letter to Hillary that includes:

“Like the rest of us, you’ve grown older, experienced health problems and today— your lies are less convincing; your promises less believable and—sadly for your tough-woman-persona— your aging appearance exposes your vulnerability,” Miller told Clinton in a letter earlier this month. “Quite honestly, Hillary, you are just a pathetically fragile and tired-looking old woman.”

Ms Miller has a book coming out soon, in which she will tell all about her consensual affair with Bill and about his smoking of pot and snorting of cocaine.  She will also tell about the threats and abuse she received from Hillary.

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