• December 11, 2023

Black Lives matter Begging For Money to Bail Members Out of Jail in St Paul


Forty nine BLM protesters were arrested for major misdemeanors and felonies related th blocking Interstate 94 in St Paul Minnesota on Saturday night and now they all need bail money and lawyer fees.  The local BLM is now soliciting donations to pay for that and to continue breaking the law.  No word yet on how that is working out for them.  The amount they need could be quite high.

From The Daily Caller:

“Over 49 arrested last night, please make a donation to our legal defense and bail fund through Paypal at [email protected],” reads a text message obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Folks are being charged with gross misdemeanor and felony charges, they will need our help for upcoming legal battles.”

The group also took to Facebook to request money.

“We know that people are being charged with felony and gross misdemeanor charges,” Black Lives Matter Minneapolis posted on Facebook. “The state is escalating on protesters to shut us down. The only way we keep going is to fight back, and these legal battles can take years. We just wrapped up the last case in the first MOA protest in 2014. Please help and share widely.”

The protests come after five Dallas cops were killed during a Black Lives Matter protest Thursday.

If you wish to contribute money to this cause, find the information yourself, because I refuse to post it.


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