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Black Waitress Who Claimed She Was Given Racist Note Lied

It will probably not come as a shock to very many people that the black waitress at Anita’s New Mexico Cafe in Ashburn, Va, who collected lots of cash for a supposed note on a restaurant bill committed a fraud.  Investigators immediately suspected as much since the receipt the waitress produced was not the original and was in actuality printed out as a duplicate hours after the restaurant closed for the day.


The diners for whom the receipt belonged denied the waitress’ story.  First of all they did leave a one cent tip and the note they wrote said “Terrible service.”  The receipt the waitress produced showed no tip and a message stating that the service was great but they don’t tip blacks.  The patrons are demanding that the restaurant set the story straight.  This should be easy to do since they have the original receipt.

Websites like the Huffington Post, Raw Story, the Daily Mail, the New York Daily News and others posted the story as an example of racism in America. The Loudon County NAACP became involved, and a Virginia man opened up an online fundraiser that brought in more than $3,600 for Carter.



From The Daily Caller:

But the receipt was fabricated, says Daniel Hebda, a lawyer for the patron.

Hebda said in a statement Friday that his client did leave Carter a small tip — one penny — because her service was poor, not because she is black.

“Our client did not nor would he ever write anything about refusing to tip African Americans because of their race,” Hebda said

“Our client has no ill feelings towards African Americans. Our client did not leave a $0.00 tip. Our client tipped $0.01 out of his own conviction against tipping well for poor service.”

Hebda said that his client did write on the receipt, but only the message “terrible service.”



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