Black woman’s hammer attack hate crime against man for being ‘white’ and ‘fancy’

A black New Jersey woman believes it is a crime for white people to drive a Porsche, so she decided to take a hammer to the man’s head, car and boat to prove it. According to, this despicable hate crime by Angela M. Jones, 26, occurred Last Saturday, when she unleashed her vile verbal racist tirade against a man for being “rich” “fancy” and “white” while at a Virginia gas station.


Apparently hate crimes against innocent citizens do not rate attention by mainstream media outlets and even civil rights race baiting icons or the ACLU. One has to wonder what crazed lunacy had to be percolating in this woman’s head before she decided to begin her one-person crusade against a white person based upon his vehicle.

The angry attacker left the scene of her vicious handiwork but thanks to a witness on the scene who took a cell phone photo local authorities were able to identify her, according to the Caroline County, Virginia sheriff’s office. She was arrested at her Newark, Fairmount Avenue residence and taken into custody.

Before the incident began, the Massachusetts victim was fueling up his SUV which was hauling his boat. For some unprovoked reason, Jones approached the man and began screaming at him. He attempted to ignore her racist rantings. Caroline County Sheriff’s Office statement added, “It is believed Angela Jones then attacked the owner with a hammer and hit him repeatedly while allegedly making racial slurs by referring to the victim as ‘rich’ and ‘white.”

As the man was fending off her blows the hammer broke, according to Soon after his wife returned from the bathroom, and Jones resumed her verbal barrage of racist insults and then spit in the woman’s face.

Jones will face assault, vandalism and possible hate crime charges when she is extradited from the Essex County jail to Virginia.

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