• July 15, 2024

BLM Organizer: Democrats Not Radical Enough


Arielle Newton, an organizer with Black Lives Matter: NYC, is urging her membership to not vote for Hillary because she is not radical enough.  Yeah and Charley Manson is too nonviolent.  She has declared that she plans to vote for the Green Party candidate Jill Stein.  Newton wrote an article for PBS expressing her dissatisfaction towards the democratic party.  (I agree with those sentiments, although for a different reason.  Can you think of a better reason to do away with PBS funding?)

“As a radical black militant, this presidential election is best characterized as a tyrannical pageant of white fear.”

She goes on to say that while democrats pay lip service to the black community, the don’t really do anything for them.  That’s true.  Democrats do like blacks.  In fact they think everyone should own at least two.  The democratic party has an entire plantation of them.  Democrats do not really care about blacks unless they are gay and came to this country illegally.  Since Obama was first elected, unemployment for blacks, especially for young black males, has spiraled out of control.

“But the Democratic Party pays lip service to the black community, and does not represent any transformative pathway to wholehearted racial justice or black liberation.”

“The Democratic establishment will never call for the abolition of law enforcement or economic reparations for black bodies; instead they’ll call for police­-worn body cameras and (maybe) “independent” oversight.”

From The Daily Caller:

Newton went on to say that the Democratic Party would never view the Palestinians as an oppressed group or hold the government of Israel responsible for it, something she took issue with.

 “They will never view Palestinians as an oppressed, disenfranchised people and place righteous, unapologetic blame on the government of Israel,” Newton continued.

Recently, a Black Lives Matter platform claimed that Israel practiced  “systematic discrimination.” The platform also accused Israel of being an apartheid state.

Newton also said that her dislike of the Democratic Party did not mean that she endorsed the Republican Party; she called it a “nativist institution” that protects rich, straight white men.

I find it interesting that she is demanding reparations for black slavery and expresses her disdain for Jews.  Because if blacks deserve reparations for slavery although none of them were ever slaves, would they not owe the Jews reparations for the 210 years they were slavcs to the Egyptians, even though no Jewish person alive today was ever a slave?

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