Bloomingdales Pulls Shirt From Stores After Customers Complain It’s ‘Offensive’

(America Now) – Bloomingdale’s apologized for causing distress over ‘Fake News’ T-shirt that was being sold at the department store. They stated that they didn’t mean to offend anyone.


Following a complaint on Twitter that

The apology on Monday followed after a complaint via Twitter admonished the store for selling a yellow top, which used President Trump’s phrase for labeling negative news about himself.

On Sunday, a Pix11 reporter wrote, “Hey @Bloomingdales, this isn’t funny or fashionable. It further delegitimizes hard-working journalists who bring REAL news to their communities.”

As a response, the brand stated that they planned to remove the clothing design that came in different colors and styles and which ranged online from $18 to $38.99.

Journalist Allison Kaden spotted the top in a White Plains, New York store. It’s not clear how many others are distributed.

The brand further apologized by stating, “Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and we apologize for any offense we may have caused. We take this feedback very seriously and are working quickly to remove this t-shirt. Again, thank you for taking the time to alert us.”

For some, the apology wasn’t enough. Pamela Wood, a Baltimore journalist, stated in a post ,” Hi, @bloomingdales. Apologizing ‘for any offense we may have caused’ is not a sincere apology. This is not about journalists’ hurt feelings. This is about damage done to our democracy when your brand joins in perpetuating and celebrating the idea of “fake news.” Please try again.”

There were opposite reactions too. Some disagreed with the Twitter complaint.

A Washington Times writer claimed, “It’s your responsibility as a journalist to support free speech — even the kind that offends your delicate sensibilities. your tactics are shameful.”

Daily Mail talked with a Bloomingdale’s spokesperson, who stated that “‘  Bloomingdale’s carefully researches and selects the brands that are featured in our stores.”


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