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‘Blue Lives Matter’ a racist flag? – Homeowner forced to take it down

In a nation where the felons and their liberal supporters can attack the police, a homeowners’ association now considers a ‘Blue Lives Matter’ flag racist and an abomination. According to the Blaze, a Florida homeowner in St. Johns County was forced to remove her ‘Blue Lives Matter’ flag from her home because it offended liberal homeowners who felt it was anti-Black Lives Matter.


There are no words that could possible describe how offensive the political correctness squad that inhabits the neighborhood of the unnamed homeowner who fears retaliation by her neighbors for raising the cowardly anti-police complaint. What is equally irritating is how the flag was never an issue before in the several previous years it has been unfurled at her home.

Her dad is a law enforcement officer who emphasized that his daughter had proudly displayed the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ flag as a show of appreciation for all law enforcement officers. Her father Jeff Gaddie, told WJAX-TV that his daughter received a letter insisting that she take the flag down. Gaddie stressed, “They told her they had received a complaint that it was considered racist, offensive and anti-Black Lives Matter.”

It appears that police officers’ lives do not matter to complaining members of the neighborhood association. The hypocrisy is clear. These same neighbors of Gaddie’s daughter would not be dialing the nearest Black Lives Matter group when there is criminal activity on their block. They would not hesitate to call the police.

The First Coast Association Management defended their very suspect and unpatriotic action by claiming that their rules only allow military-themed or American flags to be displayed in their neighborhood. Unfortunately, their claim does not explain why the association never bothered to request the homeowner to take down her ‘Blue Lives Matter’ flag before.

In fact, the law enforcement supporter home owner may have a First Amendment Freedom of Speech defense argument should she choose to litigate the matter. She does plan to appeal the flag take down request at the upcoming association meeting.

The ‘Blue Lives Matter’ supporter certainly does have growing support against home owner associations like hers that clearly display a tendency to overreach them imagine authority. The Blaze reported that the South Carolina legislature is currently debating a bill that would require HOAs to receive training on real estate regulations and make all decisions and meetings public. Hopefully, homeowners like the Florida woman will not be shackled by liberal political lap dogs that want to curtail support of law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line daily.

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