• July 15, 2024

BREAKING: Body Armor Didn’t Help This Gunman Shot Dead At Illinois School By Police!

Not many details are being released about the gunman shot dead,  by police near an Illinois school just hours ago. The gunman was wearing body armor and seen taking pictures of schools in the area. Although this sounds like a planned attack, on its face, more details will follow here on DailyHeadlines.

A gunman wearing body armor has been shot dead by police in northeast Illinois after taking photographs of schools in the area, sheriff’s deputies say, but only few details were immediately released. (more)

The incident began at about 8 a.m. CT on Wednesday when police were called for a suspicious person taking photographs of schools in the area of 22nd Street and Bethesda Boulevard in Zion, a city about 40 miles northwest of Chicago.

“The suspicious person was located by officers and a foot pursuit ensued,” said Detective Christopher Covelli, a spokesman for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. “It appeared the offender was wearing body armor. After the foot pursuit, a struggle with the offender and officers ensued which resulted in the offender being shot.”

The suspect was transported to Vista East Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Details about the exact circumstances of the shooting were not immediately known, and it is unclear why the man was taking pictures of schools. The area of 22nd Street and Bethesda Boulevard is home to several schools, including Lakeview School and Zion-Benton High School.

Schools in the area were put on lockdown as a result of Wednesday’s incident, but the lockdowns were lifted by 1 p.m. CT.

Zion Police Chief Steve Dumyahn said the Zion community is safe and added that there are no other suspects at large. More details are expected to be provided during a press conference by the Lake County Major Crime Task Force at 4 p.m. CT.

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