• June 21, 2024

America – Bringing In The Clowns?

Who’s in charge of America?   We don’t want to believe it could be President Obama but then,  who is pulling his strings?

We have puppets as our presidents but it has taken the American people a very long time to presume the answer.   Why does it take so long?   It’s easy to figure out that and solve the question.   Presidents do what the elite and powerful want them to do.   The clowns have come to take over our freedom.

4Power and money comes from the bottom up.   The Lobbyists pay house representatives and senators to do special interests and then deals are made for votes.   Everyone makes money.   That is everyone except,  the common folk or as we are known as,  the American people.

We lose big time.   We lose jobs,  we pay high healthcare and taxes,  we see our children get less quality education and much more.

6The majority of men and women in big government earn a very nice salary.   They don’t have the same healthcare as the general public.   They have special care.   They have become the clowns and  ‘we the people’  have become the little people who are under control.
Wait,  we have not lost yet.   The clowns still have one more job to do.   They must make us more dependent on them and unable to defend ourselves.   They want to take away our guns;  our self defense against those who would hurt us.

Let’s look,  who would hurt us?   Not our own government,  or could they?   Yes,  the clowns have become the enemy.   They want to control every aspect of our lives.   That way they can laugh and be happy.   Who is the biggest clown?   Have you guessed?   Why it’s George Soros!

252Don’t be deceived by smiling politicians.   They are the clowns.   Most are lawyers who know every trick of the trade and they use these tricks to take more of our freedom away.

Don’t keep on bringing in the clowns.   Vote for a man who has learned who the clowns are.   Vote for the non-politician.   Vote Trump.




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