BROKEN MODELS: The CDC Doctors Screwed Up Bigly!

The Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort docked in in New York City on Monday, March 30, 2020. The ship was expected to bolster a besieged New York City health care system by treating non-coronavirus patients while hospitals treat people with COVID-19.


But after three days in the harbor only three patients have been transferred to the hospital ship.

The ship has 1,000 beds.

Another Navy hospital ship, the U.S. Naval Ship Mercy, docked in Los Angeles, has had a total of 15 patients, officials said.

You can thank the CDC officials and doctors for pushing fake models on the American public and Trump administration!

The CDC used the IMHE model to base their numbers on. The model was way off in its predictions.

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The IMHE study predicted over 121,000 Americans would be hospitalized by Wednesday over the Coronavirus. The actual number was 31,142.

In New York, the IMHE model predicted that as of yesterday, 50,962 people would have been hospitalized due to the Coronavirus.

The actual number was 18,368.

And in LA the US Mercy staff is working with 15 patients.


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