• July 24, 2024

California Senator Says Gorsuch Places the Law Over Feelings

In a blatant example of why Americans have been rejecting liberals over the last decade with the lone exception of Imam Barack Obama, Kamala Harris explained why shy won’t support Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court.  Her reasoning leaves her sanity seriously in doubt.

“Judge Gorsuch has consistently valued legalisms over real lives. I won’t support his nomination.”

No one should be allowed to be a Senator until they read the constitution and has a basic understanding how it works.  The constitution says that judges, especially Supreme Court Justices are to interpret the law.  They are not allowed to write it.  The constitution leaves that to the legislative branch.  This is not Harris’ first foray into making ridiculous statements.  She also tweeted the following about illegal immigrants:

“It’s outrageous the administration is saying anyone who might have committed a crime qualifies for deportations.”

—-Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), on Twitter, in response to the recent Trump Administration immigration order.

The truth is anyone who enters the United States is already a law breaker and eligible for deportation.  Harris seems to think that being a felon isn’t enough to get you deported.  Once again, placing “feelings” above the law.

Let’s look at Harris’ history as Attorney General of California.  She condoned and even defended prosecutors who falsified evidence in at least three cases.

But here’s another doozy: The People (of California) v. Efrain Velasco-Palacios. In this unpublished opinion from the Fifth Appellate District, the California Court of Appeal reveals that state prosecutors and California Attorney General Kamala Harris continue to be part of the problem. Kern County prosecutor Robert Murray committed “outrageous government misconduct.” Ms. Harris and her staff defended the indefensible—California State prosecutor Murray flat out falsified a transcript of a defendant’s confession.

Kern County prosecutor Robert Murray added two lines of transcript to “evidence” that the defendant confessed to an even more egregious offense than that with which he had been charged—the already hideous offense of molesting a child. With the two sentences that state’s attorney Murray perjuriously added, Murray was able to threaten charges that carried a term of life in prison.

The breech of ethics set a pedophile free to walk the streets.

Here is another case Harris screwed up big time:

There is the outrageous misconduct by the state court agents and investigators in the Sierra Pacific/Moonlight Fire case that caused a state judge to enter a multi-million judgment against Cal Fire. And only a few weeks ago, Ninth Circuit Judges Kozinski, Fletcher and Wardlaw saw misconduct so egregious that Judge Kozinski raised the specter of a perjury prosecution of the prosecutor during the oral argument. Attorney General Harris had to reverse course on that case, but she did so only after the Ninth Circuit judges made clear that she would not like the opinion that would be forthcoming if she did not correct it herself. In that case, Baca, the state court of appeal saw evidence that the prosecutor himself had committed perjury. If Ms. Harris’ office had its way, it all would have been swept under the rug.

Besides her desire to disregard the constitution by the Supreme Court, Harris feels it’s appropriate to falsify evidence to punish crimes beyond their actual scope.

The scary part is that she now can write and try to pass laws based on her ideology.  The comforting part is she has all the credibility of a Clinton.

H/T US Herald

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