• December 11, 2023

Can you imagine Hillary and Michelle on ‘Dancing with the Stars’?


For those that thought that the two-former democrat first ladies might just be swirling around on the stage of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ you can safely sigh with relief.  According to UPI,  losing Democrat presidential candidate  Hillary Clinton and former first lady Michelle Obama have reportedly passed on appearing on the upcoming ‘Dancing with the Stars’ season.  While both have appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ show Ellen dancing or making an attempt to do so, was the nation spared a breakdancing Clinton or Obama?

Democrats who have been engaged in a national cryfest for the past several months since Clinton loss an historic presidential election to current President Donald J. Trump, may have benefited from her appearance.  Clinton 69, informed the show’s producers that she was turning down their offer.

Meanwhile, Obama, who at a spry age of 53 does have some dance cred.  Two years ago, in 2015, the then first lady demonstrated her dance chops on the popular on So You Think You Can Dance?

Perhaps if Michelle and Hillary had appeared, the show which makes it 24th season premiere on March 20, would have had rave ratings and satisfied those Clinton admirers who would love to have seen her win something.  But of course, there would have been a downside, if she had lost one more contest in the span of a year, she would be a three time loser.

‘Dancing with the Stars’ has actually worked in the favor of one former presidential candidate who ended up as a new political star in the Trump administration.  Former governor Rick Perry, was eliminated from the ABC dance show in September, but came back for the Dancing with the Stars’ season finale in November where he joined  80’s rapper Vanilla Ice for his hit song “Ice Ice Baby” as a dancer. Perry is now current Secretary of Energy in the Trump cabinet.